Apple Repairs and Hacks

I’ve had some very real problems that can only be solved using apple equipment.

One of my long term hobbies has been DJing, and in my past I’ve DJ’d many nights a week in the biggest clubs in Brighton.

These days all the best equipment works with Serato DJ, but I daren’t run that on Windows 10, as I’ve seen how unstable Windows 10 is, and so I’ve resurrected some old Apple stuff, as the newer stuff just can’t be tweaked as easily.

Some useful places to get tips and Apple type parts are:-

Other World Computing

The Rossman Group


iPad Rehab

One thing that I have learnt recently, is don’t take everything Apple Say about their equipment as Gospel.

For instance, I have two very old A1342 Laptops (Mid 2010 Macbooks) and the Apple Spec page, say that this Laptop is shipped with 2GB of memory and can be upgraded to 4GB.

Now that’s weird, as I have two of these things, one with 8GB of RAM (my backup) and the other with 16GB of RAM. This is 4 times the amount specified on their own spec page.

These are great machines, and once switched for 512GB and 1024GB SSDs, these two Laptops can do pretty much anything you need, except gaming.

If you need to perform board repairs, then I suggest you take a look at this site, which is giving away free schematics for Apple boards.


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