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How do I format very large drives in Linux?

I have recently inherited at 16TB disk array and wanted to use it to provide slower, but connected storage for…

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How do I update the passwords that my Evolution Email Client uses?

If you are running GNOME or Cinnamon, then simply type “Passwords and Keys” into the search, which should bring up…

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ownCloud keeps asking for a password when it connects

If you have installed ownCloud on an Unbuntu or Linux Mint machine and find that you have to keep typing…

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Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse combo for around £40

Have you fancied one of those mechanical keyboards that click, like all the hackers in those hacker movies. Ever since…

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DirectAdmin Server Certificate Creation

How do you add a Certificate to the server using Let’sEncrypt?   cd /usr/local/directadmin/script ./ request 4096

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Old Fashion whole disk formating

If you are using “whole-disk” mounts on your Cloud hosting i.e. /home is on /dev/sdb Then you can resize the…

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Useful checkpoint commands

fw ctl zdebug drop Shows all dropped connections cpstat fw Show various connection stats (accepted,denied,logged) with a breakdown. fw tab…

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Using tcpdump for use with Wireshark

tcpdump -i <interface> -s 65535 -w <filename>

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What is the UUID of my disks?

On cloud machines, you cannot always guarantee the device names when you mount “external disks” onto your VM after an…

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Convert .wav files to .mp3

If like me you like to have the highest source quality, you may download you may like to download your…