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Crypto Bailouts?

For many years Governments have been warning that nothing underpins cryptocurrencies. However, in recent times, many investors have lost 100s…

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Have you ever had a call or pop-up telling you that your computer has a Virus? This was undoubtedly a…

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Speed Up Time Machine

Very similar to speeding up Mirroring/remirroring in linux, the method we like can be found here.

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Can’t locate LWP in @INC in CentOS?

If you are receiving an error like the one above, you may find that you receive alot of advice like:-…

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Quick and Dirty way to get azure cli installed on your linux machine

Having tried and failed at installing the azure cli using the correct method, I have found that this works on…

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How do I format very large drives in Linux?

I have recently inherited at 16TB disk array and wanted to use it to provide slower, but connected storage for…

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Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse combo for around £40

Have you fancied one of those mechanical keyboards that click, like all the hackers in those hacker movies. Ever since…

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Useful checkpoint commands

fw ctl zdebug drop Shows all dropped connections cpstat fw Show various connection stats (accepted,denied,logged) with a breakdown. fw tab…

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Convert .wav files to .mp3

If like me you like to have the highest source quality, you may download you may like to download your…

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Bathtub Curve

The bathtub curve is the likely hood of a physical product to fail over time. Engineers should set their procedures…