Why the 2015 Apple Macbook Pro is a great laptop!

Everyone knows that I “hate apple” but love MacOS and love some Apple hardware.

I swear by their 27″ iMacs, and will probably own one for a while yet, and upgrade as necessary. However, I’m not sure that I can say that for the Macbook Pros.

You know what I’m talking about!!

MacBook Cable Hell.

With the world still loving USB connectors, not having one on your laptop is just daft!!

With every monitor using HDMI, not having an HDMI port is equally daft.

If I need my laptop to perform a presentation, then I would need a flimsy HDMI adaptor and an equally weak USB adaptor to put the slide on someone’s USB (although I would probably email it to them in reality)

I’m already pining for my Ethernet port

I’m sure I will change my mind as more and more of the world switches to USB C / Thunderbolt 3.

Until then, my MacBook 2015 with USB 3 sockets and an HDMI port will do just fine.


Author: Andrew

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