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Red Hat update their image

Red Hat have now updated their colour, Logo and Text. See the Guidelines

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How do I update the passwords that my Evolution Email Client uses?

If you are running GNOME or Cinnamon, then simply type “Passwords and Keys” into the search, which should bring up…

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ownCloud keeps asking for a password when it connects

If you have installed ownCloud on an Unbuntu or Linux Mint machine and find that you have to keep typing…

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Old Fashion whole disk formating

If you are using “whole-disk” mounts on your Cloud hosting i.e. /home is on /dev/sdb Then you can resize the…

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Using tcpdump for use with Wireshark

tcpdump -i <interface> -s 65535 -w <filename>

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What is the UUID of my disks?

On cloud machines, you cannot always guarantee the device names when you mount “external disks” onto your VM after an…

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MariaDB Error: 1364 Field ‘display_name’ doesn’t have default value

Spent too much time over the bank holiday weekend looking for a solution to this problem. It had appeared after…

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Ubuntu Remote Desktop Box

Install X-Windows apt install –no-install-recommends xubuntu-desktop This will take a few minutes. Once this is done install xrdp, which will…

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Increase SAN LUN filesystem on the fly no reboot centos

I have a CloudServer with 3 disks /dev/sda -> / 30G /dev/sdb -> /vm 100G –> /dev/vmvg /dev/sdc -> /media…

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Want to downsample all of your mp3s so they all fit on your phone?

If you install lame and mp3info into your Mint (or Debian) Linux box, the following code will help you downsample…