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Deauth Detector, the new must have.

Despite being a security-orientated government agency, a company I’ve been working for recently provided me with a WiFi Only laptop….

Price versus Value
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Companies: Should they offer you less you asked for?

One of the first things that Recruitment Agents ask is what remuneration I am looking for. They take that away,…

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Online Tools for Techies

DNS Tools DNS Configuration Check The Defacto DNS configuration check and guidelines.   IP Addresses Determine your…

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Human attributes that cannot be replaced, yet, by AI

With AI being adopted a little too fast, it’s probably going to be a good idea to leverage skills that…

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Synology Memory Upgrades

If you’re unaware, I like Synology NAS drives. I use them for Docker and VMM projects due to their efficiency,…

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Free Training from the Open University

If you have a Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC, then you can access the Kindle App or Kindle Reader…

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Pi-Hole on Synology

If you want to install pihole into Docker on your Synology NAS, I recommend going down the macvlan route so…

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Remote working

I wonder whether the remote working phenomenon started by Covid 19 is the solution we all wanted. I worked for…

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Using TimeShift with Synology NAS

TimeShift is a “Linux Equivalent” to Apple TimeMachine, but it uses hard links and rsync to perform its task. This…

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Listening to Feedback

Feedback is critical if you want to improve. But how should you handle feedback? Unsolicited or otherwise. If your values…