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Synology NAS DS1515+ not restarting

Oh, Dear! After a power down while I did some electrics around the house, my Synology DS1515+ NAS Drive decided…

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Synology DS1515+ 16GB Upgrade

You will see lots of videos and tutorials about how you upgrade your synology NAS to 16GB, by not only…

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Ubuntu Remote Desktop Box

Install X-Windows apt install –no-install-recommends xubuntu-desktop This will take a few minutes. Once this is done install xrdp, which will…

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Suppliers of “Kubernetes as a Service” (KaaS)

Amazon EKS Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Platform 9 Managed Kubernetes Stratoscale Kubernetes as a Service

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Things to remember if you have a cloud deployed checkpoint cluster

Admin passwd When you deploy a cluster in azure the “admin” passwd does not get set. You will need to…

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Locked out of your Azure VM’s SSH

If you get locked out of your SSH client Log into the azure portal Navigate to the VM from…

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Cloud Features: Microsoft Azure vs Amazon Web Services

So what how to features compare between the two leading cloud providers? Microsoft Azure Amazon Web Services (AWS) Available Regions…

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Which Azure NAT ip?

When you fire up a VM in Azure and don’t give it an external IP, you can still configure it…