MacOS Going Going Gone
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Apple, MacOS, Old Machines, Hackintosh’s & Other Stuff

I still have a love-hate relationship with Apple equipment. Sure, I’ve gone from a Hater (based on Hardware Value for…

ISP Router
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New FireWall replaces PiHole & Providers Router

I’ve recently updated my internet stack, which is now as follows: 1000Mbps Fibre to the Premises Providers Modem providing 2.5GB…

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Deauth Detector, the new must have.

Despite being a security-orientated government agency, a company I’ve been working for recently provided me with a WiFi Only laptop….

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Pi-Hole on Synology

If you want to install pihole into Docker on your Synology NAS, I recommend going down the macvlan route so…

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Synology NAS DS1515+ not restarting

Oh, Dear! After a power down while I did some electrics around the house, my Synology DS1515+ NAS Drive decided…

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Useful Software

I’ve switched to the Apple ecosystem, but what software stack do I use for personal use? I’ve got old equipment,…

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DevOps vs Capitalism

I saw this video on TikTok, which outlines what we were taught in the 70s. That we wouldn’t have to…

UPS Power Monitor
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Mac Network UPS Setup

I’m working from home more, so with the money I was given for my birthday I purchased a new UPS…

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Installing azure-cli on MacOS

I’m creating a Kubernetes cluster locally on my iMac for testing but will want to deploy it to Azure later,…

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OWCTB2DOCK12P – Great 2nd Hand Purchase

Managed to pick up this dock super cheap!! It works with my iMac 2011 27″ and MacBook Pro 2015 13″….