Deauth Detector, the new must have.

Despite being a security-orientated government agency, a company I’ve been working for recently provided me with a WiFi Only laptop.

Usually, I would ensure that my super-secure devices are on my wired VLAN, but this is not possible, so how do I know that my wireless network is secure?

First, I can change the password periodically and check my DHCP logs to ensure nothing unknown has connected to the network, but how do I spot if someone is hacking my WiFi?

A small company called Maltronics has introduced a new device called the De-auth-Detector. This device follows up on their WiFi Deauthor, another must-have device if you are trying to compromise a network.

Plug the Deauth Detector into a USB socket in plain sight. It will light up green, but if it detects “de-auth packets,” it will flash Red.

Now, you have real-time detection of someone trying to hack your network.

Author: Andrew

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