Human attributes that cannot be replaced, yet, by AI

With AI being adopted a little too fast, it’s probably a good idea to leverage skills that AI cannot replace yet over the coming years.



Leadership isn’t listing things to do. It’s the motivation and inspiration of a team to solve and work toward a shared Vision or Goal, which requires emotional intelligence, creativity and passion.

Critical Thought

We’ve all solved a puzzle using a novel approach in our time and wondered how it did it any other way previously. AI can only learn from what has proceeded it and can’t deliver anything that has not been documented. It can only work to your parameters and cannot pluck parameters out of thin air. So, it can help you clone something that already exists better than it can help you disrupt an industry with a novel and untried approach.



AIs, like chat GPT, have been trained to give you an answer with the best statistical probability of being correct. This gives them no creativity, and if it doesn’t already exist or isn’t documented, current AIs cannot “think” it up.

This also means you will get a similar solution to a similar question.


Again, originality is not something that you can train from preexisting texts. I struggle with originality myself. I find that my originality stems from the original way that I may solve a problem or implement someone else’s idea. Hence, I’m more an enabler than an entrepreneur, but I’ll continue to work on that.



I love IT. I get the big picture and have spent much time reading about tech, hardware, and software. I’ve often used tech to solve my issues in novel ways, and I enjoy trying things out.

This makes the current generation of AI poor at entrepreneurship as it can’t spot that industry disruption.


Time Management

Machines can do things quickly and efficiently. However, they cannot prioritise work activities in the same way as humans. Examples that spring to mind are Education, Healthcare, & Project Management.




Author: Andrew

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