Remote working

I wonder whether the remote working phenomenon started by Covid 19 is the solution we all wanted.

I worked for a local company, 25 minutes drive away and spent at least three days in the office.

I interacted with my colleagues and spent regular social nights together out on the town.


But covid showed that we didn’t have to go to the office, and productivity went up rather than down.

But we’ve now shown the businesses we work for that their workforce doesn’t need to be in the office.

The world has the internet now, and we’ve successfully demonstrated that our roles could be done remotely.

We’ve demonstrated that you can outsource our 6 figure salary roles to the other side of the globe, where you can get a team for that price.


And look what’s happening across the board in IT.

What are your thoughts?


At the same time, many businesses are now trying to get IT people back into the office.

Surveys show that many staff would switch jobs instead of returning to the office.

How should businesses manage that?

And why do they need them back in the office when they are in IT and they work from the cloud?


Unless all the staff come in on specific days, then the right people will not always be able to talk to one another “face to face”.

The computers you used to have in the cupboard are still miles away in a data centre.


I always found that 1-2-1 done from “House Office to House Office” without the fear of others listening in was the most productive, as you can elicit more truthful responses without the fear of your colleague’s disapproval, and if you are correcting behaviour, without the embarrassment or possibility of being overheard.


I currently have a role where I work from home in the southwest of London, and the company I work for is in the North-East of London.

The occasional trip into the office is an adventure, but a commute would not be sustainable.

Covid has taught me that I like taking my daughter to school and playing with her in the evenings or swimming after school.

These things are not possible with a commute.




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